Truecaller brings Guardians Personal Safety App

A new personal security application known as Guardian has now been launched by Truecaller. Users will share their location and alert guards to an emergency with the support of the latest app.

The Guardians app is created on-site with team members from Sweden and India over the last 15 months, according to the company. In every third-party commercial usage app, like truecaller application, the application can never share users' personal information. On 8 March, on the eve of International Women's Day 2021, TrueCaller launched the Guardians service.


You must sign up for the Guardians App if you wish to use the app via your current Truecaller account, or enter your phone number easily. If you're not a Truecaller user, you'll be created to confirm your phone name before signing up by missing a call or one-time password (OTP). The app only takes three approvals: your location, contacts, and smartphone authorization.

Without any advertisements or premium levels, the Guardians app is completely free, so you do not have to pay any penalty. The business is quick to download the Guardians application using the standard Truecaller app.


CEO, True Software Scandinavia AB co-founder, Alan Mamedi, said in a tweet. Alan Mamedy said. "The guardians came out of a basic question: how do we multi-personal security sources, as do we multi-personal Spam, Interference and Fraud protection with Truecaller. We think we have the right resources to make guardians happen, too." We believe.

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