Twitter Aims to Launch 'Space' Globally By April

Twitter recently revealed that it has enabled its Twitter Spaces to live audio chat rooms for Android users. However, Twitter wants by April to release its live audio, Space, globally. Twitter checked the feature at the end of February with 1,000 users who started with women and people of oppressed groups.


It is also hoped that the feature would soon be added more features. Right now, however, it did not have a timeframe. In the months after its beta debut, the company has been working quickly on Twitter Spaces and was very transparent in the way things worked.

On the other hand, Twitter works to improve the usability of its platform. The company works to remove tweets before it is published on the walls of a "undo" feature. In addition to the erase function, this feature will avoid a tweet on a user's timeline.


Twitter is very optimistic that by the end of this year it will add the latest features. Recently, Twitter has shared several proposals including a proposed premium service that users can pay for high-profile special content. A new Super Follows service also operates on the Social media website.

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