Twitter mobile app gets 4K Image Uploading and Giant Photos in Timeline

Twitter continues to launch new features and tries to improve the user experience. This time, the company has produced an update on the server that gives users high-quality uploads. This update is updated and changes how pictures appear on the timeline for the Twitter Mobile Apartments (Android and iOS). It means that users of both applications have a 4K resolution limit of 4096 to 4096 (previously 2K) for uploading images (2048 to 2048 pixels).


To announce this huge news, Twitter has taken its own platform. Because images play an essential role in our lives, users are very glad to learn about the update.

You can obtain the feature on Android and iOS, follow the following steps:

  • Go to Settings and open Twitter
  • Click on privacy
  • Between various options Click Data Usage
  • Choose high-quality image uploads and set mobile data or Wi-Fi or default as you wanted.

This feature when activated compresses the image size, although it maintains 4K quality before uploading. The desktop Twitter works very well with this feature because it keeps picture size as well as 4K resolution.


In the latest version, the way photos show on the timeline is also updated by Twitter. In the previous case, the normal preview was not taken into account in the landscape and picture orientation. The app now shows the complete picture on the schedule.

These are both excellent updates, without any doubt, and will enhance the experience of the users.

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