Twitter Spaces Arrives on Android Ahead of Clubhouse

Twitter today announced it is opening up its Twitter Spaces live audio chat rooms to Android users. Selected users could use the feature on iOS after a private beta launch of the product in late December 2020. The company says that for the time being, Android users can only join and talk in spaces. However, these chatrooms cannot be created separately by the users at the moment.


The company is also looking forward to adding more functionality soon. Right now, however, there has been no time frame. In the months since its beta debut, the company has been working rapidly on Twitter Spaces and was fairly transparent on its roadmap.


Last month, the Twitter Spaces team hosted a space for users to give feedback, put questions, and learn about Twitter's short-term and further product activities. The company decided to expand the feature on the basis of this feedback.

Every major technology company has started working on a similar feature soon after Clubhouse started the live audio chat trend. Facebook also intends to bring this feature to Clubhouse in competitive advantage. Let's see what the Clubhouse is happening to do now to prevent its users from using other applications.

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