Twitter to Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Twitter also works with two-factor authentication to protect users' accounts with encryption keys. As the only form of authentication, users can use security keys. All users currently can only log in via their security to Twitter. But a two-factor authentication by a third party will soon be needed. Well, as it makes it live for users, Twitter did not share any details on it.


Users may also use a security key to sign in to their accounts, but they must first activate 2FA methods, such as SMS code or an authentication app.

It is important to note that the hardware protections are safer than standard authentication processes. These keys can be connected via USB or Bluetooth via physical keys on your PC. No code on the phone is necessary. It makes accessing the user account difficult for hackers.


"Multiple security keys secure your (and that alt) accounts, Twitter said. More than one physical key on smartphones and the web can be registered and signed in now. And soon: the option of adding and using the security keys, without any other tool, as your only authentication method."

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