Twitter works on a way to 'Undo' fresh tweets

Within a few seconds of posting the message, Twitter plans to add an option for users to undo tweets. The company has announced that they are working on a button that allows users to find freshly-released tweets before publishing.


Twitter works on a way to 'Undo' fresh tweets

I believe that the feature is like the "Delete for Everyone" feature on WhatsApp. After sending, users will be sent a tweet after a few seconds. In response to an AFP inquiry, a Twitter representative said,

“We can confirm we are testing this feature,”

The function can also be deleted but prevent a tweet to appear on the timeline of a user. You can also see in Gmail a similar feature to review e-mails that are sent.

Twitter has said all of this year's features would be rolled out. Twitter has also shared plans that include a proposed subscription package that consumers can pay for high-profile content. The new Super Follows service is now operating on the social media website. You will look for new sources of income above and beyond goal advertising.


Twitter is certain that in 2023 it will reach 315 million “monetizable” users. At the end of last year, just 192 million had been on the social media website. See what the company is going to do to reach its objective.


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