Ufone & PTCL released Islamabad United’s new PSL anthem

In the sixth edition of the Pakistan Super League, we experience a host of sparkling clashes and just grow the thrill of the game. The PSL 6 anthem has been cherry above. The teams have now started their own theme music, and people enjoy these new songs with all their lovely forms. Among them is the anthem KitnaRaulaDaaleGa by Islamabad United.


PTCL & Ufone celebrate the spirit of cricket

Supported by Ufone and PTCL, Islamabad United's "KitnaRaulaDaaleGa" team anthem has put tremendous energy to its fans through the latest release of the anthem.

This is not the first time that Ufone and PTCL extended their support to Islamabad United. In previous versions, songs were also produced for the band. The excitement and optimism the song gives in this moment, though, is much stronger. The anthem has already begun to win the hearts of millions with its fresh sound and peculiar subject.

The Voice of Abdullah Qureshi stuns us all

Abdullah Qureshi sings the latest version of the anthem and it is filled with much fire, imitating every Pakistani's true spirit and his zeal. This anthem by Ufone and PTCL will be the favourite brand of the IU squad, honouring the team's endeavour and raising moral values. The song clearly shows that crickets are more than just a game for us, particularly celebrating cricket spirit and the unparalleled love of the game.


Hasan, Shadab and Faheem in one frame

The presence of top stars, including Shadab Khan, Faheem Ashraf, are another addition to the crowd. The first time they share the new anthem for Islamabad United is Alex Hales and Hasan Ali. In the two-minute film, several squad members are included and fans are shocked at their classic beats.

Ufone and PTCL have unveiled this song in the expectation that all of the fans who feel every anthem is a celebration of the resurrection of cricket in the country will echo it.

We wish to make this PSL version a special edition and a smart bidder for all Pakistanis with many more games to come.


Did you hear 'KitnaRolaDaalega,' the new anthem? If not, here you can listen to it:

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