Undersea cables will be installed by Facebook and Google to connect Southeast Asia and North America

On Monday, Facebook announced plans to lay two new undersea cables linking Singapore, Indonesia, and North America. The project will be carried out in partnership with Google and regional telecommunications companies in order to enhance internet connectivity in the areas.

Echo and Bifrost will be the first two cables to cross the Java Sea on a new, more diverse route, boosting trans-pacific subsea capability by about 70%, according to Facebook Vice President of Network Investments Kevin Salvadori.

"We're working with partners and authorities to answer everyone's questions," he continued, "and we're excited to see the cable becoming a valuable, profitable transpacific cable in the near future."

In addition to a previous deal to construct public Wi-Fi hotspots, Facebook revealed last year that it would lay 3,000 kilometers (1,8641 miles) of fiber across twenty Indonesian cities.

Apart from the Southeast Asian cables, Salvadori said that Facebook was moving forward with its subsea plans in Asia and elsewhere, including the Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN).

The cables, according to the executive, will be the first to link North America to Indonesia's most important regions, improving connectivity for the country's central and eastern provinces.

The two cables, which must be licensed by regulators, are a continuation of Facebook's previous investments in improving connectivity in Indonesia, one of the company's top five global markets.

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