'Undo Tweet' feature will be introduced for paid users only

A "undo tweet" feature is checked over and over again on Twitter, a microblogging platform, which is limited to paying members. "Undo will allow people to cancel their tweets in a short period of time," Twitter replied to the much-demanded tweet editing option. The feature has also been confirmed by Twitter.

On a Twitter subscription screen, the reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong tweeted the upcoming update. The feature allows users to overturn a tweet and to remove a tweet quickly in a fixed time before it is sent.

According to Wong's post, Twitter has a timer that displays an advanced bar on an "Undo" button. Wong also posted a screenshot of the Twitter feature, revealing that Twitter will offer this feature only to its paid users. Differing from deleting a tweet because it stops sending it to the public.

Earlier in the month, Wong posted a GIF showing the Undo Tweet timer that starts when a person clicks the Tweet to post it and lasts some seconds for the person to undo the tweet.

The arrival of the tweet feature will help users who are usually frustrated with typo errors or mistakenly post tweets. It cannot, however, allow editing, which is requested by Twitter users for a long time but which is not yet a top priority.

The new feature may appear when Twitter promotes people to sign up for Twitter. It is similar to Gmail's "undo send" button where you had to wait a few seconds until an email was sent to the application.

Previously, Twitter had announced the launch of the Super Follow Service to allow creators to charge monthly tweets and other content.

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