WhatsApp bring video mute feature before sharing

WhatsApp offers a new feature for mute videos before sharing with others. This feature was found in the beta last month and is now available on all Android users. With this new option, WhatsApp Android users can mute the sound to videos before setting the status of the video or sharing it in chat. This feature will take some time for all Android users to be available. There is no detail about when this new update is being delivered to iOS users.


WhatsApp bring video mute feature before sharing

WhatsApp tweeted about the new muting video functionality that Android users should use. WhatsApp reports the rollout is ongoing for all users, and for Android users, it has finally been released. Ensure that you have the newly updated version of WhatsApp to improve your like legacy. Try sharing a video with a new group or chat or setting a video to confirm whether you have the feature or not.

How to use this Video Mute feature of WhatsApp:

  • To share or indicate a status, open a chat window and pick the video from your gallery.
  • You can see a new speaker option immediately below the video frames when you pick the video.
  • Only click the speaker button to mute the video for the recipient or the person who watches it.


For those who like videos with bad sound quality or too much background sound in videos, this function is helpful. It is also suitable for those who just want to upload audio videos.

If you don't see this update on your WhatsApp then you have to wait, WhatsApp will update the feature eventually and all Android devices are expected to get this by the end of the week. When iPhone users will have a similar feature, WhatsApp did not release a statement.

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