WhatsApp brings with new animation for Voice Messages

For iOS users, with its latest update, WhatsApp Messenger launched the new voice message animation and the ability to deactivate receipts for these calls. The new version is now available in the app store with slight updates to the application.

A new voice message bar animation was introduced to the instant messaging application. "So, once you get the end of the bar, it's immediately going back, to begin with, all your voice messages," says Mashable. Currently, only certain smartphones with iOS 13 or more are functional with this new animation.


WhatsApp has now introduced a new feature to deactivate voice message read receipts. WhatsApp users will now be able to delete receipts and the source will not know whether the audio sent by them was or was not listened to by the receiver. You need to go to WhatsApp Settings >> Account >> Privacy if you want to enable this feature.

This feature has not yet gone to Android and it is not clear that WhatsApp pushes it to Android or eliminates it from the iOS in the next update.


In addition, WhatsApp has recently added several new features to the app to enjoy its users.

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