WhatsApp CEO says that Apple wants people not to use Android phones

The rivalry between Facebook and Apple is now pretty old, with jabs from both sides often discussing each other. The latest one came from the WhatsApp CEO. Apple said that people do not want Android phones to be used.

WhatsApp CEP Will Cathcart said Apple's privacy labels were discriminatory while speaking in the "Big Technology Podcast," because the company did not want people to use Android phones.

Cathcart said it is in the interests of Apple to ensure that iPhones are used by people.

"You are looking at a location like the United States and many people have their iPhones, and if everyone else has an iPhone the messaging experience works better," he said.

He said "certainly in their [Apple's] strategic interests" people don't use WhatsApp because they want to prevent people from using Android devices.

After the company launched its new privacy labels in the earlier part of this year, many companies do not comply with Apple's App Tracking Transparency Framework.

These live labels gather more data than other apps from Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

It is a fact that WhatsApp is in competition with the iMessage, whatever the intent of these apps.

"In the United States, more users than WhatsApp use iMessage. When you download an iMessage label, you don't see it because you don't download it. We questioned that, therefore, "He said. He said.

The 'Labels' page of Apple contains all information on the data collected from in-house apps. Apples already have labels on their websites for apps like iMessage that are on your phone and cannot be removed.

Cathcart said he uses Android's phone himself when he claimed that WhatsApp's user base is very "Android heavy"

"I've used an iPad too, I've been using iPhones for many years, but I just want to use the product in the way most people use it. Many people either use or go back and forth because we are both building and understanding our products "He added. He added.

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