WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger were down for around one hour, and work now

WhatsApp had been down almost an hour on Friday night. Throughout the world and in India, millions of users have noticed WhatsApp stopped working at 11pm. The failure also affected Instagram and Facebook Messenger at about the same time. The services such as WhatsApp returned online about 45 minutes later at midnight.


When WhatsApp was down, the chat app itself failed to connect to WhatsApp servers. Not only were users not able to send messages.

WhatsApp has been down worldwide for a number of users. Instagram is also available for various users, according to the DownDetector site. When we reported the problem first on this page, over 11,000 people registered downdetector problems with WhatsApp service with almost 12,000 people.

After a few minutes, more than 38,000 people registered problems with Downdetector's WhatsApp service. On the other hand, Instagram saw nearly 30,000 people after a while registered issues.

Within minutes, users rushed to Twitter to see if the problem was on their phone or if other people were reporting the same issue. WhatsApp suffered a failure. And indeed, others, find the outage of WhatsApp to be global.

WhatsApp has suffered the outrage currently, but provided that Instagram and Facebook Messenger have not been able to demonstrate that the problem is that they have Facebook servers. The problem is not clear.

The glitch has not yet been publicly commented on by Facebook and WhatsApp. Even the WhatsApp Twitter account, which is otherwise very active, is silent, leaving hundreds of millions of people in the dark.


Besides WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook Messenger also fell on Friday for many users worldwide. The spike was much less than that seen on the website of Downdetector compared with WhatsApp and Instagram.

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