WhatsApp reminds on users to update their privacy policies by 15 May

Rumors have been made about WhatsApp's latest privacy policies that it is going to assault users' personal information. In response, WhatsApp has established its policies and made it clear that it has nothing to do with personal information from the user. You have reminded consumers of their privacy policies previous to 15 May. In earlier February, WhatsApp revised its Security Practices and called on users to approve new terms before February 8. However, it delayed the date until 15 May due to heavy criticism of the new policy. Still, WhatsApp users share that the service reminds them that they support the latest policies on Twitter.


Recently, some Twitter users have confirmed that WhatsApp reminds them to follow the latest policy. As you can see in the picture below, now WhatsApp has explained that your personal contact does not have to do with the new policy.

In addition, they also clarified that the current privacy policy concerns chatting with companies. It means that companies are optional and specifically labeled in the framework to handle their chats with Facebook tools and chats with these companies. It aims to allow companies to communicate quickly with each other. The message service has stated that the latest policies have additional detail about the working and processing of WhatsApp's data in order to protect sensitive data for consumers.


Finally, WhatsApp made a positive comment by saying that it is the Messaging Service's duty to clarify what changes or updates take place, so WhatsApp has all of the details about the latest version.

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