WhatsApp works on three different voice message playback speeds feature

We have just recently reported that WhatsApp works on a feature that allows users to play voice messages at a different rate. We now knew that WhatsApp works with three different voice message playback speeds. This feature will now be used by beta users.

"The User interface is very good and the WhatsApp will enable the playback speed to change simply by taping the speed label: The available options are 1.0X, 1.5X, and 2.0X," shared WABetainfo which close the app.

The new feature also shows that it supports lower playback speeds. It will not be open to the public. The new feature can be included in version of the WhatsApp update.

Not all users have the new feature yet. For all Android and iOS users, it takes a few weeks to even get enabled.

WhatsApp seeks to recover users' satisfaction after the misunderstanding about privacy-update. WhatsApp asks you to comply with the new policy constantly. The company owned by Facebook has made it clear that the new policy has nothing to do with your privacy. Moreover, the new update would facilitate rapid exchange between companies.

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