Why Ehsan Mani is facing uncertainty as future Chairman of PCB

Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ehsan Mani, is unsure whether after six months of the expiry of his contract he will continue his job.

On 4 September 2018, Mani was named PCB Chairman for a period of three years. The Chief Executive Officer, Prime Minister Imran Khan, did not yet announce that his term would be extended for a long period of time.


Mani wants to carry on supervising Pakistan Cricket's growth as Chairperson in the next few years, according to reports. Together with PCB CEO Wasim Khan, he showed that it would take several years for their initiative to develop cricket in the region, and the expected results would no longer be accomplished within their three-year contract.

Mani held talks on the renewal of his contract with PM Imran last year. He was positive that the issue was being considered. Since then, no further talks have been held and Mani was not aware of the issue.


There was no debate on expanding Wasim Khan's contract at the PCB Board of Governors' meeting held on Saturday.

The deal of Wasim Khan will also end in the next few months and can only be extended by the President of the PCB. The next incoming Chairman is supposed to either stay with Wasim or to usher in a new CEO if Mani is replaced as PCB's Chairman.

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