Xiaomi Foldable Phone: Inward or Outward Display?

For the last few years, foldable phones continue to be a highlight with companies such as Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola. Although a few people have such luxurious devices, it won't be wrong to say they're like grain in the sand. The reason for this is that these devices are unavailable. But more companies are coming forward, and once more such devices are available on the smartphone market, the prices certainly will fall. We heard rumors about our Xiaomi folding phone previously and now we have more detail than the patent we saw before.


We have already seen an outside folding device like Mate X from Xiaomi, but now the new patent reveals a different design. Images on the Chinese website, Igao7, of the latest prototype of the Xiaomi folding device. The device is Xiaomi MIX which displays an internal folding mechanism for the earlier patent. This is the same as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 mechanism.

The aluminum and glass prototype is comprised. The image above shows the frame and folding mechanism of the Xiaomi MIX. The cutout shows a triple back camera and a black finish in piano with silver metals.


Previously, a giant device had a bigger view than the usual one in the picture of the Xiaomi foldable prototype. Xiaomi showed the dream of folding in 2019 by releasing a concept phone teaser video This device however has an external display. Although they are only prototypes and can change at any time, we will soon see the Xiaomi foldable device, but one thing is for sure.

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