Xiaomi Launches Super Silent Air Conditioner to Sleep Peacefully

After the launch of different products in its electronics segments as well as home appliances and smartphones, Xiaomi launched Air Conditioner (AC), named Xiaomi Super Quiet MIJIA Air Conditioner Sleep Version. As indicated by the title, the product is designed to ensure a better sleep with low noise. The big points of sale of the Xiaomi Air Conditioner Sleep edition are smart wind command, peacefulness, new energy efficiency standards, and huge power savings.


The Air Conditioner has a special remote button to turn the sleep mode on. When the sleep mode is enabled, the running sound is reduced to 18 decibels, and also tiny screen light immediately disappears. The anti-direct blowing feature can also be activated to give the person perfect sleep.

The body temperature of a person continues to change during sleep. The sleep mode version for the air conditioner is perfect for the human body's period. The environment controls the temperature of a wake-up person intelligently to sleep. The indoor temperature would increase in the morning so that the sleep would be easy.

The power quality is another important benefit of this air conditioner. The air conditioning power is only 1 HP and can be mounted in a bedroom 10-15 m2. This reaches the current standard of 5.0. It is much more effective and affordable in energy terms. With a 58°C high temperature, it allows self-cleaning and healthier air conditioning.


It offers an effective 0.5°C controlling system with the newest temperature and humidity generation dual control technology that intelligently monitors surrounding humidity. The moisture regulation can be associated with the MIJIA humidifier, thus ensuring that all rooms are comfortable with this advanced AC.

The MIJIA Air Con conditioner Sleep version also offers control of the MIJIA app and voice control of XiaoAI. The air conditioner with the Mi band can also be regulated. The product is offered at an overall cost of 2,099 yuan (~$322) on mi, com in China.

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