Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra to launch with revolutionary battery

Xiaomi has a major event to unveil the real flagship smartphone on 29 March. Not only three or four Mi 11 phones, one with the latest liquids technology and a Mi Mix phone will be introduced by this company. Xiaomi has announced that Revolutionary Battery is going to launch Mi 11 Ultra.

The firm has shown that it will carry a battery for the phone with the silicon-oxygen anode. In addition, the processor will be completely new, without specifying what it is supposed to do.

The Mi 11 Ultra battery has a super-fast charge, according to the brand. Si-O2 technology helps to thin mobile phones and loads more quickly. The definition was taken up by "new vehicles of electricity." The negative electrode, which is in principle, 10 times more capable than graphite, would add a nano-scale silicon material.

Speaking of the new chip, Xiaomi said the launch is "surging" happily. In 2017, Surge S1 SoC was launched by the company. It is not, however, clear whether we are going to see a new Surge S2 or anything like a liquid-lens dedicated ISP.

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