Xiaomi smartphones become expensive due to Global Chip Shortage

Because of several problems including Covid-19, less demand, and more entering the smartphone industry, a global chip shortage exists, which has resulted in various handset manufacturers. It affects not only mobile businesses but also computers, gaming systems, and even cars. As a result, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nvidia GPU cannot be purchased these days. Unfortunately, smartphone prices will rise due to the shortage of chips. In addition, Xiaomi has announced among several other smartphone brands that Xiaomi's smartphones would be expensive.

During a discussion of company earnings in the fourth quarter, President Wang Xiang of Xiaomi announced indirectly that telephony prices may increase in the current year.

"The cost of our hardware systems we will try to reduce, of course. To be frank, we are going to make every effort to give customers the best price we can. In different situations, however, we will have to pay the consumer portion of the cost rise."

Samsung has previously addressed the same problem of raising the costs of smartphones because of the worldwide scarcity of chips. In Xiaomi, the company will have to decrease its profit margins, which are relatively cheap compared to other brands.

So you can expect somewhat more prices than before if you want to buy a Xiaomi smartphone. Wait and watch this year as the prices of Xiaomi are going to inflate. Till then, you're at an affordable price to enjoy the Xiaomi black shark 4 series.

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