Xiaomi Teases upcoming two Phones: A King Phone and A Gaming One

Xiaomi works very hard to become the world's leading company. Xiaomi VP Lu Weibing has been advertising two new Xiaomi phones on Weibo. One is the "machine king" and the other is the "e-sports game phone."


He said also, "Wait a bit," not specifying how exactly if people want these devices. However, the name of the devices was not announced. But it is very certain that Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and the Black Shark 4 will be. Both devices are going to start later this year.

In addition, both Snapdragon 888 chipsets provide Ultra-concentrating imaging with a periscope (5x or 10x) zoom camera and a gaming smartphone with the potential to provide refreshments above 120Hz.

Xiaomi, on the other hand, is reportedly using a 200W wired, wireless, and reverse wireless phone to charge the 5,000mAh battery. In the second half of the year, the company expects to launch the 200W charge. In the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, the company is also expected to bring innovations.


Mi 11 Ultra is going to be the real flagship. It comes with many exceptional specs. A charging time of 200W may be one of these. The company did not comment on this. In the coming days, however, we will receive more official details.

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