Youtube finally tests removing public dislikes on videos

YouTube appears to have thought about it, shielding the dislike from a few videos.

Tom Leung, a YouTube Product Manager, wrote a video on how to use the Dislike button. He then proposed a series of solutions to prevent the misuse of the Hate button, ranging from the fact that customers must have a reason to delete the button in full before their dislike is agreed upon.

The company has discovered the experiments on Twitter, but a community forum article, it clarifies that the goal is not to prevent viewers from disliking a video. Developers also have access to the video like and don't like the YouTube Studio count and don't like feeling the YouTube recommendation algorithms.

The experiment with public deletion like counts is similar to Instagram, which is also well described on user feedback approximately a year later. Instagram has recently begun to test a new feature that enables users to choose whether to view counts in their posts like to the public, otherwise, their posts will show a non-numeric postal predictor.

There can be a sense of mob mentality when we use the Like and Dislike buttons on YouTube. However, a miscount helps to warn others to clickbait, spam, or disappointing videos that can be useful.

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