In the autumn of 2021, Zoom is preparing the free live transcription of all users. Users are currently expected to pay for live transcripts or automatically closed transcripts on the app.

The organization has announced that this feature is available this year to all consumers. Users can display real-time captions during video calls by means of Live Transcription. During conferences between users from various regions of the World, this new feature would enhance communication efficiency. In the fall of 2021, the organization makes the feature publicly available worldwide.


"We are looking forward to revealing that, in the autumn of 2021, we are planning to make automated, closed subtitling, what we refer to as "Live transcript," open to all our customers," writes Zoom in a blog post. "We are looking forward to a move further.

Zoom is trying to make the live transcription accessible urgently to all users. Users must register by filling in an online form and request free access to this function to access this service.


When hosts upload a meeting application, Zoom can transcribe their accounts live. By activating the live transcription, the user will receive a confirmation email with more information.

On the support page, Zoom noted, "live transcription currently only supports English, advising that users communicate plainly for the most effective performance."

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