A diamond-studded gaming mouse "only" for a million dollars

Final Mouse, a popular game-maker, has given the Twitch streamer a diamond-picked mouse (an American company that streams live video from gaming).

Streamer Summit 1G revealed the 'Diamond' mouse on their Twitter account and informed viewers that FileMouse had recently given them a present.

The new mouse from Starlight 12 series is the next minimalist gem. But it was adorned for the summit with diamonds. Schmidt said to the fans about living on streams, "This mouse is worth a million dollars and is the most expensive mouse. His goal was also conveyed.

The Final Mouse, the company that made this valuable gift to Summit, claims that it's the mouse in its next Starlight-12 series that is faster than any wired mouse.

The mouse Starlight-12 consists of the lightest metal alloy found on Earth, according to the mouse of the final mouse. The Starlight-12 mouse only weighs 37 g and has two-month battery life.