Agricultural Revolution, according to PM Imran, farmers have made Rs.1 billion profits

PM Imran Khan told on Monday that by promoting the farming industry and raising farmers—the bedrock of the country with Kisan cards—Pakistan is moving toward new farming practices. PM said though he appeared to spread the Kisan cards in the Multan. "We are moving towards new farmers by helping them by Kisan cards. He added that going forward into technical advancement would contribute to combating corruption and making life easier for citizens.

According to the official PITB website, 'Kissan Cards are distributed to farms benefiting from different government programs. It seeks to strengthen receiver intelligence in order to execute these interventions transparent way and effectively."

"The additional payments to the wheat farmers alone were Rs500 billion in our tenure," said the Prime Minister. "The farmer added up to Rs1.100 billion for a return from sugar cane, grain, maize, milk, and other commodities." PM Imran also said that the loans of the farmer will be doubled to enable them to increase their profitability.

The CEO said these efforts are aimed at eliminating poverty in the country and improving rural areas. The use of Chinese software in Pakistani agriculture has also been reported. "Pakistan will benefit from Chinese seed production technologies, though seed testing institutes will be revised now."