Ahmad Awais – A Developer and a YouTuber Became The First Pakistani To Receive The Gold GitHub Stars Award

One of the most sought-after awards has recently been won by a leading entrepreneur and software enthusiast called Ahmad Awais in the entire technology community, namely the Gold GitHub Stars Award. Ahmad has already earned this award and has been voted by 60 million developers worldwide as the first-ever Pakistani.

GitHub Stars is an official initiative that acknowledges developers across the globe who have gone beyond inspiring, educating, and leading others by helping others build their skills. Ahmad has long contributed greatly to open source technologies and teaches people to create new stuff on their YouTube page and has become the epitome of everything relating to technology.

For nearly a decade, this technician, currently living in Canada, published technical content and developed open-source applications. In addition, he has developed his own courses to share his unlimited experience with anybody who wants to learn and succeed in a growing technology ecosystem.

In a recent Facebook post, Ahmad says:

"For a decade, I have created open source applications. On 4 August 2011, he joined GitHub. At the time, I was at school. I recall using GitHub in 2009 but never reported — no one taught us at college, git. Ten years ago, I developed Free & Open Source Software for the most part (FOSS). Open-source has provided me with several possibilities. It encouraged me to relate to a global public."

Companies such as Google, PayPal, Netflix, and Amazon have been using their code in some way. All these have led Ahmad, among other technology pioneers around the world, to grab the gold and become the highlight of the technology industry. He currently works in the RapidAPI Developer Relations section as a Google Developer Expert.