Akshay Kumar is also a victim of corona virus

Akshay Kumar posted his good news on Twitter of his Corona Test. "I'll tell you all I've been testing positively this morning for coronavirus," he said. I quickly isolated myself after that, taking all precautionary steps.

Akshay Kumar said he quarantined at home and also got all the medical support he needed. He also questioned all those in touch and ordered him to carry out his corona exam. Kumar assured Akshay he would soon return to service.

It should be remembered that, two days earlier, Alia Bhatt also confirmed her corona and claimed she had been in a quarantine house. In addition to Alia Bhatt, Mr. Aamir Khan from Bollywood has also a coronavirus and isolated in his house.

In addition to these performers, the coronavirus was victimized by actors Manoj Bajpayee, Sadhdant Chatterjee, Tarasutaria, Satish Koshkak, and Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Actor Ranbir Kapoor also had Coronavirus but has now recovered from Corona.

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