Amazon to let shoppers pay with swipe of their palm

At its Whole Foods stores in Seattle, beginning Wednesday, stated the implementation of biometric systems, which let shoppers pay for merchandise with a palm scan.

This transition will demonstrate how Amazon is adding some of them already used technologies to the food chain it purchased in 2017 in the renowned brick-and-mortar shop Go and Books.

The Amazon One system lets consumers add their palm print to a credit card. It provides an easy option to pay in cash and card, Amazon said.

The operation ceases until Amazon's cash-free technology was introduced at Whole Foods, which opponents said would lead to job losses. Scan products are also needed at checkout, Amazon One says that they will not affect Whole Food's jobs.

Amazon said that on Wednesday the biometric system will live on a Whole Foods in Seattle and extend in the coming months to 7 other stores in the metro region.