An Expert Favorite – the whole new 8-series Influencer Roundtable is Accolades

True Pakistan had a unique debate about the next eight series in its realmes. It was a round table with influential allies from various lifestyles, such as architecture, photography, gaming, and technology, who spoke about all the items offered to people in the 8th room. With a strong processor and monstrous battery capacity, the latest 8 Series offers outstanding camera capabilities, charged at fast illumination speeds. But the architecture does not only have a sleek aesthetic to be taken in an instant by any young person.

The roundtable in Realme 8 Series was talented by a panel of renowned influencers who are royal allies for the unveiling of their new 8 Series. The panels include the amazing realme of Ally Design, Kinza Hashmi, Azeem Tech, and the realme of photography ally, Bilal Munir (VideoWaliSarkar) and Ali Abbas (MASTech). Apart from that, Saad-ur-Rehman alias Ducky Bhai was our favorite gaming analyst as a royal gaming ally for expert advice on gaming. Realme's Product Manager Hamza Khan moderated the session live on the Facebook and YouTube official websites.

The experts highly praising the rich feature of the 8 Series, which gained recognition for the superb photography for the 8 Pro's 108MP Ultra Quad Camera. Kinza Hashmi was overwhelmed by the breathtaking futurist designs that bear on her screen the "Dare to Leap" emblem. Bilal Munir of VideoWaliSarkar, known as the fastest charging unit in Pakistan, has a 50 W SuperDart charge on the Realme 8 Pro, and 30 W Dart Charge on the Realme 8 – BilalMunir of VideoWaliSarkar has one of Pakistan's fastest charging units.

As a professional gamer, Ducky Bhai was a fan of MediaTek Helio G95's Realme 8 gaming processor powered by the 5,000 mAh and Super AMOLED battery, giving him the most enjoyable and high-performance gaming experience with a smartphone. The realme 8 Series became a favorite of all the royal allies with admiration from all influencers.

Therefore, the realme 8 series is just around the corner for both audiences and realme lovers. As more information is soon disclosed, get ready to catch up on the official Facebook page of Realme's 8 series and Youtube channel on Wednesday 28 April 2021.