Another WhatsApp security bug, targeting millions of users

Internet security researchers in WhatsApp have found a new safety defect. Using this WhatsApp flaw, anybody will without your knowledge delete your account.

Security researcher Luis Marquez Carpenter, who is responsible for Ernestus Canalez and reported in the Business Magazine Forbes, says anybody can lock any WhatsApp user by entering the incorrect 2FA (two-factor authentication code) many times.

After entering the 2FA code multiple times, WhatsApp locks the account for 12 hours. The hacker then uses WhatsApp to generate a new e-mail address and asks the support team from WhatsApp to uninstall your account via e-mail saying 'number because of a missed or stolen account.' And a review account is removed by the WhatsApp support team. To do this, the hacker just requires your mobile phone number and zero hacking skills.

experts claim you will delete your data and your WhatsApp account forever even though the deletion of an account would not allow hackers access to your personal data. And to use WhatsApp, you must open a new account.

Note, however, that with this protection feature hackers cannot access the information with 2FA authentication due to the hacking and misuse of a user's knowledge The WhatsApp account you might lose.

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