At the end of July 2021, LG will no longer make smartphones

The group has reported that LG leaving the mobile company. The decision would encourage "the firm to concentrate its resources on growth areas such as electric vehicle parts, connected devices, smart homes, robotic devices, manufacturing intelligence and business-to-business applications, platforms and services," LG said in a paper.

Existing phones will stay on sale, and LG states that "for a timeframe that is different by country," it will continue to support its goods. The declaration of LG stipulates that it plans to close the company by late July of this year.

After the huge losses in the last five years, the switch was rumored for some months. LG's latest high-end smartphones have battled to compete, once seen as a competitor to South Korean maker Samsung. On the other side, Chinese opponents encountered a tough battle for their more affordable tools.

There have been reports since early this year that LG is contemplating leaving smartphones. The news of March reported that the firm had attempted to locate a mobile customer, but conversations were unsuccessful and that the enterprise might close down.

LG launched a range of eye-catcher products that had uncommon shaping influences, but none was useful for turning the phones into commercial hits. In the meantime, in key areas like camera efficiency, the company's conventional handsets have dropped behind its rivals.

Over the years LG has joined a long line of leading mobile manufacturers, among them Nokia, which lives on HMD, Blackberry, and HTC atop mobile phones.

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