Atiqa Odho offering the help of Govt to India

On Sunday, TV and movie star Atiqa Odho praised the government of Pakistan for providing support to India, though coronaviruses have devastated the neighboring country.

The Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi was writing to her reacted to a tweet, "Pakistan was officially offering relief and assistance to India, including fans, BiPAP, Digital X ay machines, PPEs, and related products, as a sign of unity with Indians following the current COVID19. We trust in a first humanity strategy "There was a mistake.

Atiqa shared the government's screenshot tweet on her Instagram, and posted "Well done! Well done! Well done! Pakistan has formally provided aid in the form of life-saving devices such as aerators, PPEs, and #HumanityFirst in order to help combat the damaging effects of the pandemic in India."

Over the last few days, India has registered over 300,000 cases daily since the second wave of fatal coronavirus attacked the country.