Australian Leg-Spinner Reveals Usman Qadir’s Weakness

Fawad Ahmed, Australian leg spinner, believes Pakistan's spinning Usman Qadir to be an impressive talent but lacks global consistency. Fawad says that Qadir has many variations, and his skills are very impressive, but his deliveries have no sufficient power and so he bowls a lot.

Fawad said Qadir needs to be much stronger to be a world-class spinner and advised him to get some psychic support in this respect. Fawad added that Qadir can be one of the world's best leg spinners if it is reliable with its range and length.

Fawad claims that Qadir can play a number of premium matches to further strengthen his skills. He suggested that Qadir concentrates on red cricket when developing an ability to cricket. He said Qadir ought to continue to improve, while he has made his place on the national side.

"After making a spot on the national side, Usman must think about improving now. Test cricket, what about? He's had more difficult things to do. Shane Warne tells me you have 300 balls to bowl every day if you want to play Test Cricket. To make the line and length consistent and to be able to land the ball at the right place. I believe Usman needs to be encouraged to play more red cricket. He has to play domestic cricket in the season," said Fawad.

Fawad said Pakistan has a huge amount of talent and urged the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to concentrate on its growth and care to ensure international cricket success. Fawad lauded his fellow squad mates at the Quetta Gladiators, including Zahid Mehmood and Mohammad Nawaz. He also hailed Yasir Shah in test cricket for his beautiful displays.