Babar Azam Sets His Worst Batting Record Ever

Captain Babar Azam of Pakistan scored for Pakistan in the second match with South Africa in Johannesburg for the second slowest half-century in the history of T20I. To hit its half-century, Babar took 49 balls to help Pakistan achieve a target of 141.

The batsmen of Protea comfortably drove down the target and won the match by six wickets and raised the 1-1 series.

Shoaib Khan, former batsman opener, holds a record in Pakistan for the slowest T20I half-century. In 2008 he played 53 balls against Zimbabwe. He scored 53. Pakistan won the match with three wickets and in the end, chased down to a target of 108.

In the cricketing fraternity, Babar was heavily criticized for his low strike rate. His 127.69 hits, which isn't very good but he didn't play a much higher strike rate as an anchor in bats. One of the weaknesses of Babar in the T20 is that he cannot change gears at will. In any case, he looks like playing in cruise control and cannot hit very hard if needed.

But Babar's shoulder is not only to blame for this loss. The other batsmen around him could not play the scorecard by putting a huge pressure on Babar to score high and high. Babar was the only one able to deal with the bowling unit of Proteas, as other wickets around him fell on a regular basis.