Babar Azam Wins the Hearts By Showing Solidarity With India

The all-format captain of Pakistan Babar Azam has sent prayers as the country struggles due to the pandemic of COVID 19 in Pakistan to the people of India.

The neighboring nation was severely affected by the virus and in the last 24 hours, there have been over 352,000 positive cases. In different parts of the world, the overcrowding of hospitals has led to a lack of oxygen.

To express unity with India, Babar went to Twitter. In these disastrous days, he wrote: "Pray to the people of India. It is time to demonstrate unity and to pray together. I also ask everybody out there to observe SOPs specifically because this is just for our protection. We will do this together."

In order to deal with the dissemination of the virus, Babar asked citizens to comply with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). He added that to exclude COVID-19 from our lives, people need to be united.

Many renowned Pakistani figures have shown support for the Indian people. Earlier, Shoaib Akhtar, the world's fastest bowler, urged the Indian government to delay the Indian Premier League (IPL) and use its money to help the nation deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

Indian citizens have thanked and admired the personalities for lifting their voices, their counterparts in Pakistan. Several Indians expressed their deception that Indian celebrities did not speak up to defend their country.