Beware of Fake Android Netflix App in Pakistan

Netflix is one of Pakistan's best-known and mad video streaming sites. During the Covid Lockdown, its use has increased and more individuals have their subscriptions. When something becomes successful, hackers attempt to spin with the minds of people and use the wrong means to take undue advantage. While the original Netflix is stable and provides users with the best experience, the fake version of the Android Netflix application is still available in the playground and several people are killed.

The National Board of Informatics (NITB) has warned people of the faux Netflix software on its Twitter update. However, it has the same logo as Netflix and is available from the Google Play Store, its name is FlixOnline.

NITB tweeted during warning Twitteratis:

[Named] FlixOnline. "Do not download the Netflix App. It passes dangerous files to your computer," NITB wrote to Twitter and added, "No untrusted application or APK is used (file).

NITB said it has Android Malware that targets users with incoming messages from WhatsApp. This dangerous file sent to users immediately increases the number of messages and therefore receives all sensitive information.

Social networks often have people who know that the hacker who sends this malware attracts people with free Netflix programs, and then offers them a connection to fake Netflix to collect passwords and credit card information from users.

Do not download FlixOnline, but delete it as soon as possible if you have already done so.

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