BEWARE! WhatsApp Pink App can Steal your Data and Credentials

WhatsApp is the most commonly used network and is a survivor of malicious practices due to its excessive use. Today, the WhatsApp Pink App circulates so that the information can be stored by hackers and images and videos. You are also able to view the details.

Many users have got a message promising new updates and a Pink Color WhatsApp experience. They all have to press the tab, but this link leads to another page with a choice of downloading the deceptive WhatsApp Pink App instead of taking your WhatsApp updates.

In order to warn people about this app, which appears to be WhatsApp but is not in fact a cybersecurity researcher twits about it.

He also announced that WhatsApp Pink targets the police and media. This application has no connection to Facebook and WhatsApp, so you should not click on the link to the various Chat App colors.

When the problem was posted to WhatsApp, it declared that the malicious app was not associated with it:

Anyone may receive an odd, unspecific, or suspicious message on any service, including emails, and we highly advise anyone to exercise caution before answering or committing. We recommend that people on WhatsApp especially use the resources we provide in the app to send us a report, report contact, or block contact."

This isn't the first time that such a malicious app makes users victim, formerly WhatsApp gold circulated that compromised many people's privacy. BEWARE.