Bitcoin, 300 billion loss in 24 hours

This week, as Coinbase was born on the capital markets, a business buying and selling coins, it outstrikes firms like UK Petroleum. The valuation of the shares surpassed Rs after they were included in the stock.

But the dark side of an official blockchain is that for the next minute it is impossible to guess whether the digital currency would be worth it.

According to Coin MarketCap, a website publishing cryptocurrency figures, the cryptocurrency market has decreased from 2.2 to 9.9 trillion during the last 24 hours. Bitcoins worth 300 billion travelled around the globe in less than 24 hours, in other words.

It was reported that yesterday in the Xinjiang region of China, repression was carried out against corrupt currency, in particular bitcoin. Xinjiang is regarded as the world's largest hub for bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining was limited from 215 exash per second to 120 each per second after this crackdown. Which is less than a day wiped away 300 billion.