Brand Loyalty of Apple iPhone hits the highest level ever recorded

According to a recent study undertaken by of 5,000 US mobile users aged 18 and over, nearly 92 percent of those who have an iPhone expect to keep to the brand while upgrading to a new telephone. SellCell's survey in 2019, reports PCMag, has marginally increased this number.

In comparison, Samsung's Galaxy phone holding firms will stick to another Samsung just 74% of the time, down from 86%. Android's other leading phone brands are all down. Users of Google Pixel will only remain 65% of the time for the brand (down from 84 percent ). The findings are much worse for LG—37% of the population would remain below 61%, while 29% would remain below 61% for Motorola. says the latter two are not shocked, because the US market share has declined for some time. He also believes that Samsung and Google are affected by customer perception about privacy, which Apple wants to take advantage of by new public awareness about device monitoring.

It is because these areas need to be improved that the handset manufacturers pay the most interest to transfer. The limited proportion of iPhone users seek to defect mostly because they believe the other brand has either better hardware (38 percent) or better design (26.4 percent ).

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