Changan Motors begins testing driverless vehicles In Pakistan

In Pakistan, Master Changan Motors (MCM) began researching independent vehicles.

Pakistani social media is excited to see technologically sophisticated vehicles being potentially launched on the Pakistani market when their teasers were posted on Changan Pakistan's Facebook page.

The MCM conducts technology tests on Changan UNI-T, as recorded by Business Recorder. It is the first automaker to use many futuristic developments in combination with a special, cutting-edge architecture in a new series called UNI.

The futuristic UNI-T is fitted with an intelligent car system built on an AI chip and creates an immersive interface in the highest class of human-machine. The driver can communicate with the system through a dual-screen touchpad, smart voice activation, and a face recognition system, which enables anyone sitting in the car to have the sensation of entering a world of science fiction. This is a multi-sensory experience.

The Changan UNI-T has an automated driving capacity of level 3, which ensures that the driver does not have to keep his focus still on the road during the first iteration. The driving experience will continue in later iterations onto the hands-free and foot-free stage.

The car has a fully autonomous self-park technology that is capable of disturbing and is being tested for the first time on the roads of Pakistan. The Changan UNI-T is equipped with the same BlueCore NE1.5T engine which in December 2020 won the Guinness World Record.