China plans $3 billion supercomputing centre to analyze data from space

Chinese southern spaceport Wenchang is set to construct a $3 billion supercomputing center, according to state media Tuesday, by the end of this year to analyze data from space.

The supercomputing center will offer large-scale computer facilities, including for the aerospace and maritime industries beginning in 2022, said Reuters, with a $3.1 billion planned investment, according to state-supported Hainan Daily.

China plans to construct vast constellations of commercial satellites in the next decade to provide services ranging from aircraft high-speed internet to charcoal monitoring.

China would have to develop larger missiles that can take on more satellites or build more launch sites or both in order to satisfy the demand for satellite launches. There are actually four launch sites in China – three inland and one in Wenchang province of Hainan.

The government stated earlier this month that a new commercial space base in Hainan was planned to satisfy rising launch demand.

The government also supports Hainan in its foreign collaboration on the launch of commercial and payload satellites and commercial spaceflight research and development.