CPEC will add 17,000 MW in projects, which will make Pakistan electricity self-sufficient, Chairman says

Asim Saleem Bajwa (CPEC) President Lt General (retd) disclosed on Sardinia that the completion in the context of the Chinese Economic Corridor (CPEC) of energy projects underway would add 17,000 MW of electricity to the national grid and thus render Pakistan energy self-sufficient and capable of exporting energy as well. Nine out of 22 new energy projects have been initiated, the official says.

CPEC head also said plans to create clusters of technology institutions under China Pakistan Economic Corridor in the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) have been developed (CPEC). These institutes will teach young people skills, as the top concerns under (the) Comprehensive Plan are 'the preparation of youth for employment in the CPEC ventures' Bajwa said in a tweet. "The Gwadar Institute of Technology is quickly approaching in a free zone to prepare for a new industry."

Earlier, Pakistan's president, SM Naveed, had stated that Pakistan has the capacity to generate 150.000 MW wind alone from the Joint Chamber of Trade and Industry (PCJCCI). He also said wind power ventures could raise $2 billion in investments, but the government chose long-term energy projects.