Cricket Might be Included in Olympics But in a New Format

Cricket may be one of the world's most common sports, but its statistics are not valid. Only in a small number of countries is cricket played and has not extended to most of the country.

Cricket has definitely been hit by its success in the world due to its lack of the Olympics. Cricket was first played in France in 1900 at the Olympics.

Two of the most powerful cricket boards, the British and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and the BCCI, collaborate to discuss different ways to bring cricket back at the Olympics. Cricket boards are the most important ones.

Bringing cricket to the Olympics is a matter of great significance and of great importance to the prestige of the game, both cricket councils and the International Cricket Council (ICC) believe.

This was a big subject in the last ICC meeting, which debated the cricket calendar from 2023.

While BCCI and ECB have historically rejected cricket at the Olympics, they look at this moment differently. The T10 style is the best hope of the Olympics organizers being convinced to return the sport to mega-events, according to the authorities.

The ECB also proposed using the 'Hundred' format, while the T20 should be the format preferred by other stakeholders.

The authorities set ambitious goals in the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028 or 2032, expected to take place in Brisbane.