#DigitalPakistan will soon be a reality, IT minister says despite worse internet quality than Rwanda

"I hope that the dreams of #DigitalPakistan will soon be realized with our focused approach and under the leadership of Pakistan's Prime Minister." In a statement made by the Ministry of Information Technology, Syed Amin-ul-Haque (Federal Minister for IT & Telecommunication) said. A research report published recently shows, however, that Pakistan is 68th in its Internet quality, one of the lowest and one of the lowest in South Asia worldwide.

When it comes to Internet quality, Pakistan scores much worse than Rwanda.

Introducing the government's vision for Digital Pakistan in 2019, a digital platform is set up to broaden the information economy, and to boost socio-economic development.

Pakistan has managed to rank 90th among 120 countries by 2021 on the "Inclusive Internet Index" amid government action to increase internet access. In 2021, Pakistan has been ranked in the low quartile of that index. Among these are nine fibre optics high-speed Internet projects with a value of Rs. 8 billion.

"One of the many advantages of IT that we see around the globe is that it empowers people. It enables people in their industries to be more profitable and effective. The Pakistani government plans to increase the masses' technical capability."

The IT minister said the government still focuses on the use of IT, from poverty mitigation to market simplification and corruption elimination.