Direct payment feature introduces by Clubhouse for Creators

The clubhouse also launched a new direct payment feature for developers to attract more consumers. The audio-chat app says it will introduce its creators' monetization feature on the website and will get no payment from it.

Pay can be sent via the platform to all clubhouse users. The payment feature is initially only available for a select group of tests. The company promises to implement this feature very quickly for other customers.

By tapping a 'Send Money' option, users can send payment to creators who have the feature activated. The company said that its payment processing partner Stripe charges a small card fee.

In addition, the application allows people to talk with each other in audio chatrooms to discuss various subjects.

Last April, the app was released on the iOS platform and became extremely popular soon. Many other social networking applications such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have since begun to implement clubhouse functions. Twitter, for example, has added Audio Chat Room, which provides its Android users with more services.

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