Dr Atta recommends the annual education allocation of 0.5% of GDP

Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman, President of the Science and Technology Task Force of Prime Ministers, proposed that the educational fund be increased by allocating 0,5% of the national GDP for the education sector over the next five years.

The lead scientific advisor stated that focusing on national training is the need for the hour in a live webinar entitled "Budget 2021-22: Needs & Expectations for the higher education sector."

The webinar was organized by the Pakistan Patent Sector University Association (APSUP), Superior University, Pakistan Social Science Promotional Consortium of the Inter-University (IUCPSS), Lahore University, Lahore State College, and FPCCI Central Science and Technologies Committee (CSR Committee).

Dr. Atta said that 33% of education money should go to higher education, and 67% should go to schools, colleges, and technological education.

In order to ensure that high-quality professional employees are manufactured, at least 5 percent of all universities should be transformed into high-level technical colleges and 5 000 students should go to Ph.D. bonds to the top 200 universities abroad every year for jobs and study opportunities in emerging technology.

He also recommended large national programs for the setting up of technology parks and promoting innovation/enterprise, financing initiatives in new areas of industrial and agricultural significance for the information economy, and supporting exports by means of effective policies and incentives for high-technology manufacturing and added value products.

He felt that Pakistan should be attracted by the top international faculty through the tenure track scheme for the recruitment of university faculty members.

He suggested that a matric ology program, to provide technical training at matrix level, should be extended in schools in Pakistan.