Due to chip shortage, Apple may drop iPhone shipment

Because of a shortage of chips, Apple will face manufacturing difficulties with iPhone 12. iPhone 12 series became really popular and is a popular smartphone in the market at the moment. The corporation also boosted sales of the Apple iPhone 12 series and took over Samsung, Apple reached the top position and last year became the world's biggest smartphone operator. Now South Korea's Samsung giant reverts to its world's top spot, pushing Apple to second.

Foxconn announced that the supply of the iPhone would drop due to the manufacturer's lack of chips. In the manufacture and assembly of iPhones, Foxconn, Apple's largest supply chain partner, is the main partner. Foxconn also reported, supplier for Apple, that the global chipset shortages could slash smartphone shipments by 10%. Liu Yangwei, Foxconn founder, but the company's forecast for the rest of the year is also highly positive.

In the statement, the company didn't name Apple, but Apple is the company's biggest customer. The firm also said that "it has a very small effect on long-standing orders."

Foxconn estimates that the chipset deficit will continue in the second quarter of 2022. While Apple's resources claimed that the company already handles the chip shortage effectively in relation to other firms, it would still be a great challenge for the company if the chip crisis persisted.

In addition, according to the latest reports in this month, iPhones may be disrupted because of the difficulties of the Samsung supply chain. Samsung is now supplying OLED screens for iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

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