EA: Battlefield will debut on mobile devices in 2022

In the series Battlefield mobile devices are available. The very famous franchise shooter will be making its debut in a new game to be released in 2022 on smartphones and tablets. Industrial Toys will create the game in collaboration with long-term Electronic Arts developer DICE.

"Don't go wrong, this is an independent game," said DICE Managing Director Oskar Gabrielson in a blog post. "A game totally different from the one we make, specially designed for the smartphone platform, for consoles and computers. Designed from the ground up by iToys, Battlefield is a realistic experience, and you can expect a comprehensive, skill-based experience."

Shooters are some of the top hits on smartphones, and with the launch of a mobile Battlefield title, EA is likely to capitalize on this success.

Call of Duty: Mobile was launched colossally for 2019, with over 100 million downloads already being downloaded. And the 2018 arrival of PUBG Mobile in March has just exceeded a billion downloads.

Gabrielson affirmed that DICE is working hard on the upcoming consoles and PC Battlefield title, which should be published later this year. Battlefield 5, set in World War 2 in 2018, was the most recent.