European Union agrees to limit use of artificial intelligence

EU law on the prohibition of the use of artificial intelligence was passed. Under this, algorithms for artificial intelligence that alter facial recognition and human monitoring behavior are prohibited.

The British News Agency's article states that those draught policies, with a broad variety of leaks from the European Union's release, undertake to lay down stringent limits by branding artificial intelligence as high-risk. This covers the police and the recruiting algorithms used (the process of calculation or its rules, especially the solution of problems through computers).

Melissa Hekla, a UK technology writer, also tweeted about the guidelines leaked from the European Commission, saying it aimed to ban the use of artificial high-risk intelligence in Europe.

Technologists characterized the plans of the European Union as unclear and defective. According to these draught EU legislation, artificial intelligence used in military and public protection applications would be exempted.

Proposed legislation prohibits the use or design of artificial intelligence to impact public opinion, judgments, and human behavior changes a person's opinion and prohibits the widespread use of non-discriminatory tracking artificial intelligence programs.

A fresh Twitter controversy was triggered by the leaked 80-page EU guidelines. Daniel Laffer, the European policy analyst, tweeted, "How do we decide if something is wrong? Or who's going to try it?