Facebook Announces Social Audio Features for Users

Facebook continues to introduce new features to keep users in touch. This time, the company has developed a collection of web edition social audio features. These audio production tools allow users to put the music behind the stories.

New audio creation tools can enable Facebook users to increase their story interest by enabling them to incorporate multiple sounds and vocal effects and filters across mixed audio tracks. Facebook has a big set of tracks already used by people. With this feature, the same music as the context was used on all the statuses of various people. You will unify your stories by adding various effects and combining audio tracks of your choice.

Facebook users may also use these new resources to build a sample of soundbites, brief audio clips to record anecdotes, jokes, inspirational moments, poetry and such. In the upcoming months, Facebook will start testing soundbites on a small number of creators. In addition, Facebook has revealed that they'll soon be able to listen without leaving the app to their beloved podcasts. Users can hear podcasts directly from the Facebook app in the coming months.

Facebook also tests live audio rooms with plans to make them open to everyone by the summer.